Chris Martin Says The Pandemic's Helped Him Check His Ego

When you're the frontman of one of the biggest bands on the planet, it's only natural for you to have an ego. But what happens when you're used to spending most of your days on giant stages, playing music for thousands of screaming fans, and all of a sudden that changes? For Chris Martin, the abrupt stop to live music caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has helped him find self-worth internally rather than from external validation.

“Last year was a quite an eye opener,” the Coldplay singer confessed during an interview on BBC Radio 2. “I was like, ‘Who am I without Wembley Stadium saying, ‘you’re awesome?’”

“I’m trying in my life right now to not attach too much to being a pop star," he added. "I’m trying not to get my self-worth from external validation.”

While it's wonderful for Martin to reflect on himself, he's also hopping back into the spotlight this year. Coldplay just released a new single, "Higher Power," which means an album (and maybe tour) announcement is all but imminent. The band is also getting its very own themed American Idol episode, which airs tomorrow (May 9). Aside from live-debuting "Higher Power," Martin will also mentor contestants and help them prepare Coldplay covers.

Photo: Getty Images

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