Cardi B Teases WrestleMania Appearance After Being Referenced On WWE Raw

Is Cardi B bound to make an appearance on WWE television?

The Bronx native teased a potential WrestleMania appearance after she was referenced during a special "Legends Night" of Raw on Monday (January 4) night.

Cardi quote-tweeted rapper and pro wrestling fanatic Wale's tweet calling for the 'WAP' rapper's WWE debut with an edited video of herself walking into an arena featuring a Raw cutaway graphic and commentary by Friday Night SmackDown announcer Corey Graves with the caption, "@wale don't gotta tell me twice. This me On my way to wrestlermania to collect my check."

Speculation of Cardi's possible involvement with WWE grew after a backstage segment referenced the female emcee, with lothario character Angel Garza excitedly walked into a room after being told Cardi, along with Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande, were in attendance, only to find the face-painted Boogeyman character eating worms in a dark room with a red light.

Initially, Cardi was unaware of why fans kept tweeting her about WWE, asking, "Wait what's going on? People keep tagging me in WWE stuff?"

After one fan shared a video of the segment, the rapper appeared to jokingly share her disappointment with how she was referenced, which included a seemingly tongue-in-cheek threat to WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon.

"WWWWTTTTFFFFFFFFF ....This is not how my wwe debut was supposed to be ! Vince McMahon COUNT YOUR F****N DAYS !!!!"

Cardi's acknowledgement of the reference followed several other tweets regarding her past WWE fandom in which she said she began watching the product around the early 2000s, referencing several legendary competitors.

Two of the superstars mentioned, Trish Stratus and Melina, both responded to the tweet, leading to Cardi sharing two more fangirl tweets.

"OMMMMMMMGGGGGG !!!!! B***h I’m gagging !!!! I’m so hype !!!" Cardi said in a quote-tweet to Stratus.

"Wow what a great night for me ! I remember your first debut with the two dudes you used to be with ! Just wow !" Cardi said in response to Melina.

The Bronx native also praised two current superstars, SmackDown Women's Champion and The Mandalorian star Sasha Banks, as well as her recent rival, Carmella, although admitting to having not watched much of the WWE product in recent years.

"I like her a lot !!" Cardi tweeted when asked of her thoughts on Banks.

"Ok nomore wwE tweets I haven’t watched it in years. I was just confused on all the wwe tweets I was getting.Before this last thing I Hurd bout it was about a sexy wrestler name Carmella," Cardi added.

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